About us

The main activity of the company is focus on consultancy, design and implementation of technical solutions for building heating, hot water and for electricity production using solar energy through solar plants and electricity production from solar energy to achieve the self-sustainability of the buildings.

Our main objective is to implement ecologic and energy efficient systems, offering regarding this aspect consultancy and technical solutions to the business environment, public institutions and individuals that are willing to install or change their classic heating and hot water systems (that are based on polluting solutions) with new and modern systems based on electricity  obtained from solar energy. We wish to provide technical support and to become a partner for everybody who is willing to use these types of technologies that function with renewable resources and for everybody who wants to achieve his energetic self-sustainability.

Go green, turn on the sun! 
The future belongs to the renewable energies and to the ecologic products, reason why our vision is to assure to any entity the energetic self-sustainability, by producing electricity from solar energy, and the accessibility to the eco-friendly and energy efficient technologies that we promote for building heating and water heating. In the future not only the cars will be electrical but also our houses will be 100% electricity consumers and regarding this, our vision is to produce energy without polluting the environment, exploiting this energy that for million and million of years from now on will still be available …solar energy.  

We want to be a partner of which added value is providing to our clients the necessary data and information to achieve the intended purpose, to gradually and constantly replace the polluting sources of energy with the ones based on renewable resources, and to replace the polluting and inefficient heating technologies with modern ones based on energy efficiency and energy consume reduction. We want to offer to our clients solutions that can satisfy this needs; integrated solutions of high quality at excellent delivery terms and at competitive prices.