Technical features

The particular design of this tank allows to have a considerable increased surface (larger than one square meter) wrapped in a special heating  cover. Once powered up, the cover reaches a temperature of 120°C and takes the temperature inside the tank walls as high as 85°C: this increases the thermal exchange with water and, at the same time, prevents limescale build-up.


Operational features

Cold water flowing into the tank from below is directed along the heated walls, so that the temperature exchange between water and the walls is more effective and water is heated up more quickly. This results in reduced and optimised power consumption thanks to :

(1) the heater – which is made up of carbon fibre cables (carbon fibres reduce power consumption by 40% given the same target temperature) and

(2) the shuttering of the electric power used (470 W - 1220 W - 1470W in “Plus” mode).

The process is supervised by an electronic control station. The control station, provided with a display unit, is connected to two water temperature measuring probes working continuously: one of them is installed in the lower portion and the other in the upper portion of the tank.

The control station allows to:

• set two working time slots per day (two-rate timeof-day tariff option);

• decide how to use the storage temperature and gauge electrical consumption based on the user’s actual demand forhot water;

• manage power output.


Thanks to the above characteristics, Thermal Technology’s Carbon Boiler is able to:

• produce hot water quantities which are unparalleled if compared to similar electrically heated water dipped products,

• ensure significant energy savings and respect for the environment,

• modulate power consumption, which is a fundamental pre-requisite for energy savings and rationalisation.