Photovoltaic panels from Taiwan

Taiwanese technology does not disappoint when it comes to renewable energy, such as photovoltaic market in Taiwan manages to successfully cope with all requirements when it comes to quality at the right price.

Created from raw materials of the highest quality the photovoltaic panels (monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film) made ​​in Taiwan have high efficiency and guaranteed both in terms of construction and the efficiency of electricity production, benefiting of the certifications that recommended them to comply with European quality standards.

Photovoltaic panels manufactured from Taiwan are not a subject to anti-dumping fee as photovoltaic panels manufactured in China, which makes them even more attractive in terms of price.

Panels produced in Taiwan and imported by our company especially to be tested in climatic conditions in our country are indeed in terms of quality excellent.


We recommend you photovoltaic panels manufactured in Taiwan !!!