This heater wall or ceiling using the same principle - radiant heat. Heat radiant heat exchange means through infrared waves. Two bodies or objects with different temperature, radiation exchange naturally and thus heat wave passes from the body warmer to cooler that. The radiation emitted in a room by an underfloor heating system turns into heat when the system comes into contact with an object, wall or person. The air is a heat transmitter, instead of solid objects absorb the heat and in turn transmit on the air. Then heat is transferred into the room and its occupants enjoy optimum comfort.


There are three ways of installing this efficient and space-saving:

- Using gypsum fiber panels with embedded carbon cables.

- Applying custom laminated panels on the back panel of drywall.

- Installation Concealed heating net.


temperature control

No need for a dual temperature control (floor sensor and thermostat). Termocontrol is guaranteed by a simple thermostat. If necessary, it may install a device at floor level termocotrol.


Advantages Genius Carbon

- Lower energy consumption (30% -40%) due to the specific characteristics of carbon fiber

- Wall temperature required is lower (7% less than 1 ° C);

- Heat loss to the inside of the wall is about 15%.