What is a good photovoltaic panel price?

When we refer to the cost of photovoltaic panels we found out that it has decreased dramatically compared to the purchase price of photovoltaic panels 3 - 4 years ago, the main factors behind this aspect are the appearance on international market of a growing number of photovoltaic panels manufacturers and with them the constant improvement of technology in this area by engaging in the production of some new materials.

Among the largest manufacturers of photovoltaic panels in the world you can find Chinese companies. Low prices with which these companies had entered the international market have facilitated the acquisition of photovoltaic panel at the most affordable prices.

It seems that the Chinese strategy is one aimed at removing anti-competitive and export market competition in an attempt to create a monopoly.

In the context of international market practicing lower price in an export market than is paid in the home country of the manufacturer is known as dumping.

After the U.S. taxed with 31%, anti-dumping fee, imports of photovoltaic panels from China, the EU launches anti-dumping fee tariff for made in China panels.


• How this  anti-dumping fee will affect photovoltaic industry in Europe?


If you decide to take a look at another important market in terms of production of photovoltaic panels like the one in Taiwan, the photovoltaic industry will benefit from the photovoltaic panels with excellent quality and commercialized at a fair price that ranges in the present under the price of photovoltaic panels manufactured in Europe.

Panels manufactured in Taiwan are not a subject to anti-dumping fee !!!

Please contact us if you choose to achieve a photovoltaic system using photovoltaic panels from Taiwan.