About energy storage – how it’s done, what it involves and the right choices

Exclusive use of the grid, photovoltaic panels or any other type of renewable energy, has a risk: it can stop at absolutely any time, even when your world is dearest, as they say. Besides, solar, photovoltaic panels don’t produce the same amount of energy all the time (at night, for example) and you will run out of electricity when this happens.

About energy storage - how it's done, what it involves and the right choices

If you want to enjoy energy independence and prevent unforeseen incidents, it is important to look at ways of storing energy. It is about purchasing a solar/electric energy storage battery, which will store excess energy produced during peak periods.

It will provide you with the power you need at night, in winter or during peak consumption or outages.

What to consider when choosing your energy storage system

1. How many kilowatts you consume daily

To know which system to choose, you need to keep track of how many kilowatts you use. You can see a month’s amount on your electricity bill. If you don’t have one because you use photovoltaic panels, you can estimate it yourself. How? You look at how much power each electronic device or appliance you use has and multiply that number by the hours that device is on(power x time = consumption). Depending on the result, you will identify the energy storage system you need to move towards.

2. For how long are you likely to run out of energy

Don’t imagine that you’ll be able to get electricity for an entire winter from a full system. Set a realistic time frame. For example, a few days if you are in an area known for power outages caused by severe storms.

3. What do you expect from him

How many years do you want the system to last? What energy storage capacity should it have? What about the depth of discharge (to what level to discharge after one use)? The answers to these questions make a difference.

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